About Team Sea Riders

Nobody works harder to ensure you have a great time!

What Makes Us Different?

At team Sea Riders we pride ourselves in what makes us different from other companies.  Kauai Sea Riders has been providing specialized small group Zodiac Eco Tours on Kauai since 2005.  As a Marine Biologist, I have always focused on providing Eco Tours to our guests – focusing on education while at the same time having a great time.  All of our staff are professionally trained and share the same passion and reverence for this amazing ocean environment we get to play in everyday!  We choose snorkel locations that aren’t over crowded or common, and you will have a Divemaster guiding your snorkel adventure ensuring you have an exceptional snorkeling experience.  At the end of the day, our goal is to have our customers feel that they have been expertly cared for, had an experience of a lifetime and have  learned something new about the ocean and its incredible inhabitants.

Captain Tara Leota

Captain Tara Leota

Owner & operator of Kauai Sea Rider Adventures, Inc.  Captain Tara has been sharing her knowledge of and passion for Hawaiian Reef ecology for over  35 years as both a Captain and Dive Master.  As a Marine Biologist and Educator, Captain Tara has developed ongoing programs, from student whale watches to reef walks sanctioned by the DOE that have not only provided the enjoyment of the sea for students and people with special needs, but also promoted safety and environmental awareness through this education.   Captain Tara has superior local knowledge of Hawaiian culture, piloting Hawaii’s coastlines’, assessing weather and water conditions, Hawaiian reef ecology and taxonomy.

“To the most amazing Captain in the world.  A million thanks for finding my husband’s wedding band 60′ deep in the ocean.  Second thank you for the most amazing Kauai boat tour.  Thank you for being so gentle with Mitch on his snorkel adventure, you really made his trip!  He was very nervous to get on the raft, but you made it easy and fun for him.  He won’t stop talking about how much fun he had.” – Rachel & Mitch

Captain Rob Bradbury


Captain –  Rob is a Southern California native that moved to Kaua`i 30 years ago.  He has an amazing work ethic and a great passion for the ocean.  Rob has been a Captain for 15 years and has worked for Sea Riders from the beginning.  An expert narrator of Hawaiian culture and the Na Pali Coastline.  As a Whale Watch Captain, I trust Rob implicitly to give correct and comprehensive information to our guests.

Crew Member Tony, Kauai Sea Riders


Crew –  Originally from California, Julie is passionate about the ocean and it’s inhabitants. She balances the joy of being a Dive Master with enthusiasm and safety. She is a quick learner and also a great photographer and people person. On her days off she is in and on the water or planning her next Dive Travel Adventure!

Julie Gardner


Crew – Born and raised on Kaua`i, Ed is an amazing free diver, spear fisherman, and ocean lover. He has an incredible eye for finding Octopus!!! Ed is great with kids and helping them feel comfortable in the water. You must ask him to show you his ability to blow bubble rings – they are the best I’ve ever seen!
Crew Member Tony, Kauai Sea Riders


Captain –  Adam was born on the mainland but raised on Kaua`i.  He is an accomplished kayak fisherman who was featured on the Discovery Channel: Pacific Warriors.  He has an incredible love for the ocean and vast knowledge of Hawaiian history and legends.  Our guests also really enjoy his sense of humor!

Kauai Sea Riders Crew, Elisha


Crew –  Born and raised on Kaua`i, Elijah took a marine biology class in High School that changed his life. I started mentoring Elijah as a dive master and certified him in SCUBA when he turned 18. He has also trained as a free diver and has won several competitions. Smart and respectful, I can always count on Elijah to share his knowledge of the ocean with our guests.

Kauai Sea Rider Adventures periodically is hired to work with NOAA, the Marine Sanctuary, State DLNR, and the University of Hawaii for research, education, tagging of animals and disentanglement of marine mammals.  To learn more visit our Blog.