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Kauai’s West Side Whale Watching And Dolphin Zodiac Adventure

Witness Whales Breaching And Dolphins Jumping!

Quick Details

Checkmark Included: Splash Jackets, assortment of juices, water and light snacks.

Adult 13 years or older
Child Ages 5-12
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Jump into Kauai’s Ultimate WEST SIDE Whale & Dolphin Zodiac Boat Adventure!

Available Seasonally: November/December – March/April Each Year!

Witness the Wonders of Nature from Kauai’s West Side

Experience the unmatched thrill of our Whale & Dolphin Zodiac Boat Adventure straight from the heart of Kekaha. From Late November/ Early December to March, the waters off Kauai’s west side become a lively playground for the majestic North Pacific Humpback whales, our beloved “gentle giants”.

Why the West Side? Why Kekaha?

Kekaha, with its strategic location on the west side of Kauai, boasts proximity to the most active whale zones during the winter months. This means shorter trips, typically more whale sightings, and an unparalleled oceanic adventure!

An Epic Voyage of Gentle Giants!

These awe-inspiring gentle giants gracefully travel nearly 3,000 miles in six to eight weeks, cruising at a comfortable speed of three to five miles per hour. At a sleek 40 tons, these magnificent creatures make their way to Hawaii each winter for the mating season, providing an unparalleled spectacle for observers.

Why Our Zodiac Boat Adventure Stands Out?

  • Prime Location: Launching from Kekaha gives us a head start, placing us closer to where the action typically can be easily found.
  • Unrivaled Adventure: Our Zodiac tours provide an exhilarating journey as we skim along Kauai’s vibrant west coast in search of these magnificent marine mammals. Our tours are not your average leisure cruises. Prepare for an exhilarating adventure as we traverse up to 30 miles along Kauai’s Western coast in search of these marvelous creatures!
  • Zoom with Zodiac: Famed for speed and agility, our Zodiac boats cover vast stretches of coastline efficiently, giving guests more time with the whales. The boats’ low profile also means closer, more intimate encounters and maybe a “refreshing” splash or two!
  • Must-Do Activity: A must-do for any Hawaiian vacation, these tours provide families with memories to cherish and leave children with enchanting stories to share. However, please remember our Zodiac Boat Adventure’s dynamic nature might not suit everyone.

Reserve Your Seat for an Unforgettable Adventure!

Kauai’s Ultimate WEST SIDE Whale Watching Tours offer a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, allowing you to connect with nature in an unprecedented way. Experience the magic of Kekaha’s waters as the majestic beauty of the humpbacks this season!

Call or book online today to secure your spot in Kauai’s most thrilling whale watching experience! Don’t miss out on this seasonal spectacle, offering an intimate and exciting adventure for the whole family!

Please be advised, there is no snorkeling on the whale & dolphin adventure, if you’re looking for snorkeling please check out our snorkel tours.

If this tour is sold out on the date you’re looking for, please visit our sister company’s SOUTH SIDE TOUR departing from Poipu.