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About Us

What Makes Us Different

At Team Sea Riders, we pride ourselves on what makes us different from other companies.  Kauai Sea Riders has been providing specialized small-group Zodiac eco-tours on Kauai since 2005.  As marine ecology focused staff, we always focus on providing eco-tours to our guests – focusing on education while at the same time having a great time.  All of our staff are professionally trained and share the same passion and reverence for this amazing ocean environment we get to play in everyday!

We choose snorkel locations that aren’t overcrowded or common, and you will have a divemaster guiding your snorkel adventure, ensuring you have an exceptional snorkeling experience. At the end of the day, our goal is to have our customers feel that they have been expertly cared for, had an experience of a lifetime, and have learned something new about the ocean and its incredible inhabitants.


Tara Leota Captain

Captain Tara has been sharing her knowledge of and passion for Hawaiian Reef ecology for over 35 years as both a Captain and Dive Master. As a Marine Biologist and Educator, Captain Tara has developed ongoing programs, from student whale watches to reef walks sanctioned by the DOE that have not only provided the enjoyment of the sea for students and people with special needs, but also promoted safety and environmental awareness through this education. Captain Tara has superior local knowledge of Hawaiian culture, piloting Hawaii’s coastlines’, assessing weather and water conditions, Hawaiian reef ecology and taxonomy.

Adam King Captain

Adam was born on the mainland but raised on Kaua`i. He is an accomplished kayak fisherman who was featured on the Discovery Channel: Pacific Warriors. He has an incredible love for the ocean and vast knowledge of Hawaiian history and legends. Our guests also really enjoy his sense of humor!

Nick Aasand Captain

Bio coming soon!

Robert Silva Captain

Bio coming soon!

Crew & Staff

Elijah Aasand Snorkel Guide

Born and raised on Kaua`i, Elijah took a marine biology class in High School that changed his life. I started mentoring Elijah as a dive master and certified him in SCUBA when he turned 18. He has also trained as a free diver and has won several competitions. Smart and respectful, I can always count on Elijah to share his knowledge of the ocean with our guests.

Christina King Snorkel Guide

Bio coming soon!

Christian Frye Snorkel Guide

Bio coming soon!

Jakob Almeida Snorkel Guide

Bio coming soon!

Mallerie Bocanegra Snorkel Guide

Bio coming soon!

Benjamin Limoges Snorkel Guide

Bio coming soon!

Laura Beniek Snorkel Guide

Laura was born in the land of 10,000 lakes (Minnesota) where she learned to love water in all it’s forms. She grew up spending summers on the lake and snowboarding. After a school dive trip to Grand Cayman in 2014 she knew she would be a divemaster some day. Before getting her DM certification she detoured to Montana to study conservation biology at MSU and snowboard.

After traveling around the tropics and diving for a while she got sucked into Kauai and absolutely loves it. When she isn’t SCUBA diving you can find her freediving, camping, painting and getting her hands dirty on the farms around the island.

Will Kelley Operations Manager

Will first tried diving when he was 14. After living in the mountains of Colorado until he was 23, he decided to get back in the water and moved to Mexico where he became a Divemaster.

After earning his Instructor certification, Will taught courses in the lakes and hot springs around the Rocky Mountains, as well as in Utah and New Mexico. He is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying backpacking, camping, rafting and pretty much any activity that gets you into nature.

He spent a year traveling the world to 18 different countries, diving in both Thailand and Indonesia. Upon returning to the States, he completed his MSDT. His specialties include deep, navigation, night, wreck and boat diving. He enjoys free diving as well. He relocated to Kauai to pursue a career in scuba diving and explore the beautiful island on the side.

Josh Khan Crew

Josh got certified as an open water diver in 2004 and instantly fell in love with the underwater world. Growing up in Michigan, he loved to be outside hiking, snowboarding, or hanging out on the lake. Craving even more adventure, Josh moved to Oahu in 2014 where he continued his diving education, getting his advanced and rescue diver certifications.

After a few years on Oahu, Josh moved back to the mainland where he became an EMT before deciding to take the full dive into the professional scuba industry. He moved to the Florida keys where he attended Halls Diving Career Institute. He became an instructor for NAUI and TDI, and he later crossed over to be an instructor for PADI as well.

Although Josh learned a lot from his time and experience in Florida, Kauai has always been one of his favorite places in the world, and he is excited to call it his home.

Megan Scott Snorkel Guide

Originally from Northern California, Megan has made the migration to Kauai to join our team. Growing up around Lake Tahoe, she didn’t spend much time in the ocean at a young age, it wasn’t until she started traveling that her true aquatic passions unraveled. She graduated from college in landlocked Arizona in 2017, booked a one-way ticket to Bali, bought her first pair of fins, and never looked back. From living in Southeast Asia to Australia, the Hawaiian Islands were only next on her list. As a passionate scuba diver, freediver, shell collector and snorkeler, she’s pursued sharing her love for the sea by starting out as a snorkel tour guide on The Great Barrier Reef. She obtained her PADI Scuba Diver certification in Indonesia, Open Water in Australia, Advanced Open Water in Mexico, Rescue & Freediver in Southern California, and, recently obtained her Divemaster in Honduras. After the last 5 years traveling and island hopping she now finds herself here on Kauai pushing to get people deeper into the ocean. The ocean means more to her than she can say, it’s a place to unwind, relax, breathe deep, and respect. It’s the number one cure for her in times of stress or anxiety. She cares for the ocean so much she is also a certified Coral Nursery Maintenance and Coral Health Monitoring Diver. She’s volunteered for coral restoration out-planting events in the past and hopes to do more of that involvement here.