“Captain Tara ensures you have a wonderful time snorkeling the waters off Kauai.  We saw plenty of whale activity and also listened to three of them singing with her acoustic gear – just wonderful.  We also snorkeled amongst plenty of turtles and as a marine biologist Tara provided excellent insight and information about a wide variety of marine life.  I watched several large turtles and saw two juniors come out from a lava hole, and make their way elegantly to the surface – just a joy to hover and watch that.

We also saw a lot of tropical fish on a ledge and swam amongst some very colorful fish; angel fish, parrot and clown fish and more.   I’d have to say that this trip was marvelous, gorgeous scenery and being cared for expertly by Tara and Nick.

Thank you for your graciousness and care and  all the best with your passion for keeping the reef clean and safe.