DSC_3239We are expecting a great Whale Watching Season this year! The calves that were born last winter will be coming back to wean and the whole wonderful process will begin again! We always call the North Pacific Humpbacks that are born here “The Locals” and  these “Yearlings” have already traveled a minimum of 4000 miles with their Mama’s. They are usually the first to arrive in the islands.  Click here to book a Whale Watch Tour on Kauai.

The Kauai Seariders Whale Watch Tour “Difference”:


The 2016 “Sea Riders Whale Watch” tours  will be departing from both the South and West Shores this year!
South Shore:
(1) Kukuiula Boat Harbor in Poipu is perfect for our Snorkel/ Whale Watch which departs @ 7:45AM and 11:45 AM. Sunset Whale Watch departs @3:45 PM.

West Side:
(2)Kikiaola Boat Harbor in Waimea cruises “Whale Alley” off the airstrip on the West Side on our 6 passenger Coast Guard “Willard” for 2 hour charters during the day.


We are offering a discount if booking on line or by phone – before December 20th, 2015.  Call (808) 332-RAFT (7238) for more information.


Our Captains and Crew are dedicated to narration and answering questions on our Eco-Charter! Providing the BEST visions of the Whales that nature provides. On our Zodiac RHIB’s the whaless are not as spooked by the diesel engines as on catamarans.


Both vessels have underwater microphones (hydrophone) which enable us to listen to unique male Whale Songs. Every year the song varies or evolves. Can’t wait to hear this years’ series of clicks and groans!