Aloha Capt. Tara,

I send you a huge mahalo for all your efforts to support our conservation and recovery efforts for the Hawaiian monk seal!! Not only in the past for providing transport with your vessel to monitor seals, tag pups, and intervene with sick animals, but also for responding so promptly and completely regarding the seal of concern at Honopu.

I thank-you for continuing to search for the seal, to offer transport out to Honopu, and then for finding the seal on Thursday and swimming in yourself to examine and photograph it  The photographs reveal a female seal, R313, which recently returned to the north shore after pupping.  It is most likely that the multiple sightings we had  at Honopu of an underweight seal, were of her as she was molting.  Your photos show her scars and clean coat demonstrating her identity and completion of a molt, which is a physiologically taxing event.

Tara, your expansive knowledge from years of working along the NaPali, and your expertise as a marine biologist, experienced diver (I love your stories of taking Jean-Michele Cousteau out to Mana Crack!!) and boat captain are an incredible contribution to our program, and others for marine conservation.  We sincerely thank-you again.
Aloha, Mimi
Kauai Hawaiian Monk Seal Conservation Hui