Kauai Sea Riders is a charter for Kauai visitors who want a personal and unique experience in and on the Ocean.  Yet, few realize that a large portion of the use of our Navy Seal Zodiac “HOOKAHI” is for scientific purposes.

This type of boat is referred to as a RHIB, or rigid hull inflatable and is a documented small craft that can get into the inaccessible areas. Powered by twin 140hp. 4-stroke Suzuki motors, which are “Green” friendly, this craft is perfect for Hawaiian ocean conditions and Marine life Research. Kauai Reef Conservation was formed to be a non-profit service to Federal, State , Private and other Community Non-Profit Organizations. The goal is to promote education and awareness of the diverse and unusual habitat in Hawa’ii.

In the past we have been contracted to conduct field research with Coral Reef Monitoring, Fish Kill Studies, turtle tumor and turtle mortality and  retrieval, Marine Mammal entanglement, Seal de-hooking and the monitoring of the rare and endangered toothed whale species, such as the False Killer Whales. So when you support Kauai Sea Riders by coming out on a Kauai Snorkel Tour or Whale Watch Tour, you are also a partner in Kauai Reef Conservation.

Fieldwork is my expertise, so any legal (501 c-3) advice , marketing help, or future grant ideas are greatly needed and appreciated ! Mahalo!

Captain Tara Leota